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Carolyn brings over 25 years’ experience collaborating with clients, consultants and contractors on health care, mixed-use, retail, interiors, stage design, commercial, and residential projects. In recent years she has specialized in the small project, including new and renovated housing and equine facilities.


She received an AB degree in Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley, an MFA in Stage Design from Southern Methodist University, and a Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University.


Carolyn served on the AIA Small Project Practitioners Advisory Group from 2014-2018, where she founded the SPP Review and chaired the 2018 AIA SPP Awards. She served two terms on the City of Kirkland, WA Design Review Board and is a former independent advisor to Suncadia Residential Owners Association. 

Design: A Process

Listening.  Careful listening to the client’s concerns and point of view is the cornerstone of a successful collaboration.


Information Gathering.  We research the criteria needed to define and design your project: zoning and permitting information, spatial and functional requirements, timeline, budget, site and climatic conditions. We’ll discuss variables: color, texture, materials, sustainability, taste, and style.


Inquiry.  Growing family? Downsizing? Aging in place? Concerns about pets?  We consider the specific needs, as well as the evolving long-term goals, of the family throughout the lifecycle.


Reflection.  After listening closely, gathering information and asking questions we’ll develop a program that reflects the unique circumstances of each client and project.


Brainstorming.  We’ll brainstorm design solutions, and develop an idea book that incorporates research, photos, sketches, and, sometimes, the unexpected: a favorite line of poetry, a fallen leaf, a painting.


Synthesis. We will prepare a preliminary design, employing the tool that best expresses the concept, be it a rough sketch, 2D conceptual floor plans and elevations, or a 3D digital model.


Problem Solving.  Having agreed on a design, we’ll obtain pricing based on conceptual drawings and outline materials specifications. This way adjustments can be made before many hours are sunk into developing an over-budget project.

A Small Project Focus

We design sensitive, site-specific renovations, additions, new houses, and equine facilities. A small project focus allows us to be readily accessible to answer questions and resolve issues throughout the design process—from the big picture through the details.

A Collaborative Effort

The architect and the client are a team: the design process is client-driven, architect-led. A smooth collaboration leads to a beautiful, functional design uniquely suited to the owners’ needs and wish list.

Design: A Product

Construction Documents.  A thorough design process leads to an efficient, cost effective set of construction documents: a complete set of drawings and specifications used to obtain a building permit and construction bids. This phase may require the expertise of allied professionals, such as engineers, landscape architects and contractors.


Construction Administration.  We can assist with selecting contractors, obtaining bids, and overseeing construction. Retaining the architect throughout the construction process will ensure a beautiful, cost-effective finished product.


The Completed Project.  Design is a journey that can—and should—be fun.

Following a prescribed process, while allowing for the unexpected, will yield the best result:  a new or remodeled home, barn or farm that reflects its owners’ values, tastes and lifestyle. Good design can enhance life!

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